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Prague prices

Information on average prices in Prague


  • The average price of beer.
  • The average of price for lunch and dinner in Prague restaurants.
  • The average price of commonly purchased food.

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Prague public transportprague-public-transport-ticket

Information on public transport in Prague
  • Information on fares.
  • Information on tariff bands.
  • Information on transport control and penalties for travelling without a valid ticket.
  • Information about current closures.

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Prague airport (PRG)airport-prague-prg

How to get from Prague airport

If you want to visit the Czech Republic, you usually arrive at the airport Vaclav Havel Airport Prague. A quick guide about travelling between the airport and the downtown can be found here. More information about airport Vaclav Havel Airport Prague or about arrivals here.

How to travel from Prague airport? You can choose from:

1) Public transport – is the cheapest way, but do not travel at night between 12:00 pm and 05:00 pm bus no. 119, for further information click here.

2) Airport Express Czech Railways – 60 CZK to the main railway station, it can be relatively full, but cheap, look here.

3) Taxi, which stops directly at the airport – expensive, the average price varies between CZK 600 – 1000.

4) Prague airport transfers – pre-ordered transfers over the website, safe ride and the price is around 550 CZK, for example company.

5) Prague airport shuttle – a quick transfer by taxi to the nearest subway station, the price is 290 CZK for up to 4 people.

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