Klementinum – The Historical Czech National Library

Klementinum in Prague is the Czech National Library:

Czech National Library

Located near the Charles Bridge and Staromestske Square is the Klementinum, the second largest complex of buildings in Prague after Prague Castle. The Klementinum was built on an area of two hectares and many great astronomers, scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, historians and musicians have worked here.

Founding of Klementinum

Founded as a Dominican monastery in the medieval period the Klementinum became a Jesuit college in 1556 and was at one time known as the third largest Jesuit college in the world. The library of Charles University was transferred here in 1622 and the Klementinum eventually merged with the University in 1654. The Jesuits stayed until 1773 when Express Maria Theresa of Austria made the Klementinum into an observatory, library and university. When a National Library would founded in 1781, the Klementinum became a legal deposit library.

Klementinum Attractions

  • Astronomical Klementinum Tower – This tower is 68 metres high and you can climb the 172 steps to the gallery of the tower for a magnificent 360deg view of the historical centre of Prague. The dome of the tower is crowned with a statue of Atlas bearing the celestial globe on his shoulders. The Klementinum tower was used for astronomical observations until the 1930s.
  • Mirror Chapel – with lavishly designed interior and the installation of mirrors, which in unprecedented in the Czech Republic and
  • Baroque Library Hall is noted for its beautiful interior, with beautiful fresco paintings

Visiting the Klementinum

The Klementinum offers sightseeing tours of the Klementinum complex including the Astronomical Tower, the Mirror Chapel and the Baroque Library Hall.

There are daily concert performances in the Mirror Chapel and classical and jazz music are presented by top Czech and overseas artists. For the list of Klementinum concerts and how to book, see HERE.

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Map of Prague:

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