FAQ about Prague

How big is Prague?

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. It is situated approximately 150 km from Dresden, Germany. Prague is divided into 10 districts. Its population is over 1,2 milion inhabitans.

How many is the Czech Koruna to the Pound?

The current exchange rate (December, 7th 2015) of the Czech Koruna to the Pound is CZK 37,64 = Ł1. In case you need to doublecheck the exchange rate before your arrival to the Czech Republic, please visit Czech National Bank

How many days spend in Prague?

There are many ways to spend your holiday in Prague. You can stay there for a weekend or for a week. Prague has wonderful spots to see and visit – museums, sights, parks, historical buildings or if you like shopping, Prague offers
plenty of shopping malls. Prague is the place of splendid cultural events in its theatres and also streets. The lenght of your vacation depends on your plans. You can either spend your holiday in the city itself – and you won’t regret it – or use the offers of trips outside Prague to Kutná Hora, Český Krumlov or Plzeň.

How much are drinks in Prague? How much doesa bottle of beer cost in Prague? How much does a vodka cost in Prague? How much for a pint in Prague?

Prague and the Czech Republic are famous for its beer. There are many local breweries in Prague, which offer tasty beers – Smíchovský pivovar, Vinohradský pivovar and the others and many traditional pubs, restaurants and bars with a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits. If you prefer to drink beer, be ready to pay around CZK 80 in the centre (Old Town Square pubs and bars), and CZK 30 in the suburbs. If you wish to try different selection of beer, get bottles of beer. In local shops the beer doesn’t cost a fortune and you may encounter different tastes. Though, some shops charge for a bottle.
In case you like wine, the Czech Republic has a delicious selection of Czech and Moravian wines. In Prague itself, there is a vineyard as well – close to Prague Castle. A bottle of a decent white wine may cost around CZK 500 but you may be lucky and find cheaper offer. Also, restaurants and bars often sell a glass of wine. Its price may vary from CZK 30 – 100.
The most common drinks in pubs are beer and wine but sometimes you may fancy some stronger spirits. The Czech Republic is a home to Slivovice /slivovitz/, a very strong spirit made of plums. Slivovice /slivovitz/ is similar to Vodka. A bottle of a good quality Slivovice costs around CZK 300. Price of Absolut Vodka varies from CZK 350 – 650, the price depends if you buy it in a supermarket or in a bar.

How much are things in Prague?

Generaly speaking, shopping in the Czech Republic is said to be cheaper than in other capital cities in Europe, though you must understand that some shops in the centre and in historical parts are more expensive. It depends on what do you want to get. Some shops with souvenirs such Czech glass or Czech garnite are located in the historical centre of Prague, therefore their goods can be more expensive comparing to those in further parts from the centre.
Buying clothes and accessories is relatively cheaper in the Czech Republic. In Prague, there are located many world known brands, either in the centre or in numerous shopping malls. Also, outlets are popular in Czech Republic so you can get designer stuff for bargain!

How much does a meal cost in Prague? How much does food cost in Prague? How much does it cost to eat out in Prague? How much for a meal in Prague? How much is dinner in Prague?

Czech cuisine is generaly very heavy. Its basis consists of red meat, dumplings and sauces. Traditional meal is goulash; pork served with white sour cabbage and dumplings or beef sirloin with creamy vegetable sauce served with dumplings. If you prefer something light or in case you don’t eat meat, don’t worry. Prague is full of great restaurants offering Italian, French or vegetarian cuisine.
Dinner consisting of traditional Czech main dishes for 4 people in Prague centre may be worth CZK 1000 – 1500 exluding drinks, starters or desserts. Prices differ in each restaurant and location of Prague.

How much does it cost to live in Prague?

There are about 2000 hotels and a lot of b’n’bs and guest houses in Prague. The most expensive places to stay during your visit are hotels. In these hotels, a double bedroom for a night with breakfast may cost:
Hilton (CZK 6500), Corinthia Towers (CZK 3000), Clarion (CZK 3700), Four Seasons (CZK 14000).
It is important to book a room in advance on the Internet. The price may differ due to cultural events or religious festivals during the year and due to place and type of accomodation. Guest houses are often cheaper than hotels located in the centre of Prague; however sometimes you may be lucky and find a nice room close to the historical centre for a good price.

How much is 110 Euros in Pounds? How much is 550 Euros in Pounds?

€ 1= Ł 0,7
€ 110 = Ł 77
€ 550 = Ł 385

How much is a Czech Crown worth in US Dollars?

$ 1 = CZK 24,80

How much to spend in Prague?

There are thousands ways how to spend time and money in Prague and the choice is entirely up to you. If you prefer low cost holiday, you should plan your trip in advance to get accomodation and travel tickets of reasonable value. Also, visiting information sites such as Trip Advisor may help you to plan where to eat and drink. Shopping for souvenirs is worth to be done in outskirts of Prague, the centre is generaly more expensive. If you want to enjoy your stay and money isn’t that important to you then there are good hotels close to the city centre, where are situated famous bars, pubs and shops of international brands (Desigual, Prada, Versace…).

How to get from Prague airport to city?

Prague Airport has good accessibility of transfer. To get to the city, you can take the taxi or hire a car at the airport. This possibility is the most comfortable yet quite expensive.
Another way to get to the city is by public transport. http://www.prg.aero/en/parking-transport/transport/public-transit/
This takes time and it is not so comfortable but it is definitely cheaper that travelling by taxi or hiring a car.

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