Prague prices

prague-pricesPrague is really very cheap. Compared with other European major cities such as Paris, Rome, London, Munich, Barcelona, Venice, etc. it is the best city in appreciation of historical monuments, great original architecture, culture and art. It is almost half the cost as in the above cities.

How is all this possible? Koruna (CZK) against the euro, the dollar and the pound is very weak. Another reason is a lot of competition among hotels, restaurants and services in general. Czechs are still not able to pay more for quality and it has the effect that at the expense of quality services the level of the service having been offered is at the way too low price. For example, accommodation for tourists in five-star hotel in Prague 1 called Grand Hotel Bohemia , located just by the metro station, costs from 12.08. to 13.08. 110 EUR per day! Five-star hotel in the historical centre for this price?

For a good choice of hotels with discount prices, visit website with an overview of the cheap hotels in Prague with the best ratio price/quality

In summary

  • A ticket for public transport – 32 CZK for 90 minutes, 24 CZK for 60 minutes, valid to the subway, bus and tram.
  • Accommodation – averaging around 100 EUR per quality accommodation (hostel 20 EUR, 250 EUR absolute luxury).
  • Restaurant – bistros and snack bars around 100 CZK for the menu, lunch menu around 150 CZK, standard menus around 250 CZK, luxurious menus around 1000 CZK and more.
  • Beer – the price of beer is about 25 to 45 CZK, an average of 30 CZK.
  • Entrance fees to monuments – Prague Castle – a small circle of 250 CZK, 350 CZK a large circle, a gallery of Prague  average price 150 CZK.
  • Taxi – from airport costs about 550 CZK (taxi ordered in advance), taxi on the street about 23 CZK per kilometre, the boarding fee is 40 CZK.
  • Basic food – bread 10 CZK, 20 CZK milk, butter 30 CZK, hard cheese 20 CZK 100 g, 100 g ham 25 CZK, 15 CZK bottle of beer, a bottle of wine standard 100 CZK, and half a litre of water 10 CZK, Kleenex 5 CZK, bananas 1 kg 30 CZK, another sample prices are here:

Perhaps the most tourists in Prague can make some accommodation savings compared to other European cities.  Consider,  could you live in Paris or Rome in the five-star hotel for the price below 100 EUR? In Prague, four-star hotel near the Prague Castle, which is an exclusive location, around 70 EUR. The most expensive luxury hotels are around the price of 150 EUR – 250 EUR per night (always indicates the price for two people) and you really have everything you can think of.

The historical centre of Prague is accessible everywhere on foot. Yes, Prague is hilly, but if you are tourists who travel to Europe frequently, this is the  path to all the different historical sites..

We now focus on the Prague prices.

Firstly, we  think over the three variants as possible ways of spending one’s budget:

1) Economic – for example “Johnny and Mary” – a young couple who wants to travel low cost, does not have much money to spare, arrives just with the backpack, has camera around the neck, wears  trainers and wants to see as much as possible within their low budget.

2) The best value  in terms of money and experience – “Jimmy and Lucy” –  aged something around 30 to 40 years old, have already  saved something, count on the fact that they want to enjoy Prague, on the other hand, do not want to spend money on futility.

3) Those who want luxury – “George and Margaret” – relatively rich couple who wants to see  the very best that Prague can offer and enjoy it with all the luxuries. They want to have dinner with great wine, together with the best view of Prague Castle.

On what will tourists probably spend the most of their money?

– Accommodation.

– Food.

– Beer (must try).

– Fees to various historical monuments.

Public transport or taxi.

– Souvenirs, or purchases such as clothes and shoes, jewellery.

– Basic food and water, basic hygienic needs.

Prices of accommodation in Prague

prague-prices-accommodation1) John and Mary – Prague is friendly for the thrifty. You must have surely met with the fact that in places like Paris and Barcelona you might easily give in to an ordinary hostel which is distant 30 minutes from the centre and costs about 60 Euros. And the photos on the internet certainly did not look like what you saw with your own eyes. Do not worry, in Prague you pay for a nice, threestar hotel 50 Euros and you will be close to the centre.  Everything clean, tidy and satisfactory. Don’t you mind  ?  bed mixed dorms? Then, great hostel like this is right in the centre. It is
called Aplus hostel Prague and it is for about 18 EUR per night per person or this one: Hostel Rosemary for 15 EUR per person. If you  access the Internet then you can translate with the aid of Google Translator or Microsoft Translator from Czech websites into your language various discount
events that are very popular in the Czech, check it out on this link:!/?zone_country=1&category_list=2&zone=1&q=hotel plus check out accommodation discounts as well. Note that some offers are not only for Prague and it is therefore necessary to opt for carefully.

2) Jimmy and Lucy – advice is simple, visit this site and choose any hotel that will be in Prague 1 and that will have a rating of 8 and more and will cost up to 100 EUR. Do it even if it’s “only” a three-star hotel because if it has good ratings from more than 100 people, it signifies

the quality. Sure, it’s a good idea to also copy the address of the hotel and find on the map where exactly it is located For you, it should be somewhere near the Prague metro (red, green or yellow line).

3) George and Margaret – we have a selection of luxury hotels here: Santini Residence 5-star with the price about 170 EUR per night, Alchymist Prague castle 5-star price around EUR 230 night Alchymist Grand hotel Spa 5-star a five-star for about 170 EUR per night, Budha bar hotel for around 315 EUR or, Alchymist residence Nosticova that costs slightly above 200 per night.

Prague prices of food

prague-prices-food1) John and Mary –  Zabka supermarkets, Albert, Billa. In particular, Zabka covers the historical centre of Prague, branch addresses can be found here: (including those little red dots in the map),  Albert and Billa are to be found more commonly in the occupied areas, i.e. outside the historical centre. Besides, you can buy discount vouchers to various restaurants in Prague, here is the link:

You can find the current exchange rate at this home page:  You can also use the restaurant of Jimmy and Lucy, where they provide their guests with decent prices of the lunch menu which is noticeably cheaper than in the evening. In this category you can get  your lunch for around 100 – 150 CZK.

2) Jimmy and Lucy –  good food for a song waits especially on the right bank of the Vltava River, left bank is reserved for George and Margaret 🙂 We recommend (Seasonal menu, select the menu), pasta café (link Menu),,,  the price for a lunch is ranging from 150 to 250 CZK.

3) George and Margaret –  Prague has a truly excellent restaurants. Certainly among the best ones are: (400 CZK per person), Alcron (From 650 CZK per person), (3150 CZK per person), (850 CZK per person), (600 CZK per person), (from 1350 CZK per person)

Prague prices of beer

prague-prices-beer_0Czech beer is a must to try. Czech beer has won a few international competitions. The most famous and one of the most delicious draft beers in Prague is Pilsner Urquell (about 35 to 55 CZK), Staropramen (25 – 35 CZK) and Krusovice (25 – 35 CZK).

Best Pilsner Urquell beer can be found in the restaurant “U Hrocha” Here, it is necessary to make a reservation a few days in advance.

Without reservation, there is a chance to be served a beer but only at stands. Another tip is pub “U Pinkasu” where they have Pilsner beer as well:

We shouldn’t forget the pub “U Fleku” that even has its own brewery:

Or take”Prague Tasting Beer and Food Tour” and let skilled guide and beer lover shows you some micro brewery

Entrances fees to the monuments

prague-prices-monuments These sites are definitely recommended: especially the section “What you see in Prague”, so do not miss it. “Dearest” is the Prague Castle, where the large circle admission is for 350 CZK and 250 CZK for a little, then the average price is around 150 CZK for monuments.

Prague prices of taxis and public transport

Taxi in Prague is almost useless, but George and Margaret will certainly use it, the boarding fee is always 40 CZK and the cost per kilometre is around 23 – 25 CZK, if higher,  do not take this taxi.

Transfer to the airport costs approximately 550 CZK, but not a standard taxi. You had better order your transport on the web of companies that  operate the route between the airport and the city centre.

Information about public transport can be found here:

If you want to do some more sightseeing?, then you may make a use of tram or subway for any occasional transfer. There is a possibility to buy a single ticket for 24 CZK (60 minutes) or 32 CZK (90 minutes). If you travel frequently, you can buy day tickets, the price is from 110 CZK per day.


For purchases such as clothing and shoes in the downtown you may try the department store Kotva  and Palladium  these shopping malls are in Prague 1 and are separated by distance of a few tens of meters. There is only one Outlet centre in Prague and it is situated on the outskirts of the centre:


czech-glass-moser_0 What will you bring as a souvenir from Prague? Street stallholders commonly try to sell souvenir known as matryoshka doll but this is definitely NOT a typical Czech souvenir. It is probably Russian symbol, not Czech.  As typical Czech products can be considered genuine crystal and porcelain, Czech glass (MOSER) and cut glass, and jewellery from real garnets. E-shop here.