Balabenka – Harfa: Temporary suspension of tram operation

Balabenka – Harfa: Temporary suspension of tram operation

Because of the reconstruction of the tram track at the crossroads of Českomoravská and Freyova Streets, starting on Saturday, the 23rd of March 2019 (cca. 0:30 a.m.) and lasting until Saturday, the 30th March 2019 (cca. 0:30 a.m.) the tram operation on the Balabenka – Harfa section is temporarily suspended in both directions.

Route changes of tram lines

  • Line No. 6 in the direction from Kubánské náměstí terminates in the Palmovka stop (on Zenklova Street); it continues as line No. 8 in the direction of Nádraží Podbaba.
  • Line No. 8 in the direction from Nádraží Podbaba is shortened to the Palmovka stop (on the bridgehead of Libeňský most); it continues as line No. 6 in the direction of Kubánské náměstí.
  • Line No. 25 in the direction from Bílá Hora is shortened to the Palmovka stop (with the exit stop on Na Žertvách Street in the direction from the centre and the boarding stop at the bridgehead of Libeňský most).
  • Line No. 92 in the direction from Levského is diverted from the Balabenka stop via the Divadlo Gong and Nádraží Vysočany stops to the Vysočanská stop.

A newly introduced tram line

Tramline No. 35 is introduced in daytime operation on the Lehovec – Hloubětín – Kbelská – Harfa route.

Changes to stops

  • The Harfa stop for the direction of Lehovec is temporarily relocated to the turning loop on U Harfy Street.
  • A substitute bus service, X25, is introduced in daytime operation on the Palmovka – Nádraží Libeň – Harfa route.
  • Bus No. 912, which serves the Ve Žlíbku – Sídliště Lehovec – Lehovec – Hloubětín – Kbelská – Nádraží Libeň – Palmovka route in an extended manner, can be used as a substitute service during night time.


Work at the intersection of Českomoravská and Freyova Streets will also significantly restrict the operation of regular bus lines in this area. As a result of construction work, it is assumed that there may be additional irregularities in the operation of bus lines No. 136, 177, 182, 183 and 195.

A diagram of the operation during the temporary suspension


We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

Source: Public Transport