Permanent Changes to PID as of the 1st July 2017

Permanent Changes to PID as of the 1st July 2017

From Saturday, the 1st July 2017, several permanent changes and modifications will take place in operation of the PID system. These include, specifically, the following changes:


  • From Saturday, the 1st July 2017, the Krejcárek and the Libeňský most stops are categorised as stops on request.
  • Line No. 15 will be served by two-wagon trams during the whole week.


  • The most important news in bus operation is shortening line No. 142 to serve the route Nové Butovice – Velká Ohrada. In the Velká Ohrada – Nádraží Veleslavín – Nové Vokovice route it will be replaced by line No. 225.
  • Line No. 137 will be newly operated in the Na Knížecí – U Waltrovky – Nové Butovice – Malá Ohrada route (from Luka metro station it is routed to the Malá Ohrada terminus).
  • Kafkova stop for lines Nos. 143, 149 and 180 in the direction of Dejvická is cancelled and Vítězné náměstí stop will be newly established between the Prašný most and Dejvická stops in the same direction (on Vítězné Square at the stop of night line No. 902).


We thank you for your understanding.

Source: Public Transport