Permanent changes to selected PIT lines as of 3 March 2013

On the countrywide timetable change date, a new midibus line to Velká Chuchle is being put into service, and some changes are being made in the operation of bus lines in the area of Kbely and Vinoř. Minor changes are also being made to schedules of suburban bus lines.

Changes for individual bus lines:

  • For line no. 106, inserted workday connections in the direction of Kačerov are cancelled (replaced by the deployment of articulated buses on line no. 196).
  • A new midibus line no. 172 is being set up along the route Závodiště Chuchle – Na Hvězdárně (more details).
  • For line no. 179, connections terminating at the Sídliště Na Dědině stop are being extended to the Ciolkovského stop.
  • Line no. 185 will now lead from the Bakovská stop via the Zamašská and Ctěnice stops to the Vinořský hřbitov stop. In the stretch Bakovská – Vinořský hřbitov, only some connections will run (more details).
  • On line no. 196, articulated buses will be deployed on workdays instead of standard ones.
  • Line no. 302 is being extended on workdays by the stretch Letňany – Palmovka, and workday intervals are being changed. The line is being mutually coordinated with line no. 185 (more details).
  • All line no. 347 connections will now run via the Chýně, Háje stop.
  • Line no. 371 will run slightly more frequently on workdays.
  • Line no. 375 will use more articulated buses, and will run slightly more frequently on weekend evenibngs.
  • Selected line no. 513 connections are being transferred to line no. 603.
  • A new school line, no. 569, is being set up along the route Otěšínská – Škola Radotín.
  • A new pair of connections is being implemented for line no. 603 all week along the route Palmovka – Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, autobusová stanice.

Stop changes:

stop name change description
Brozánská a new stop for lines 185 and 302 in the direction of Vinořský hřbitov (request stop)
Bubovice, Višňovka a new stop for line no. 311 in both directions (regular stop)
K Zelenči a new stop for line no. 220 (regular)
Lahovičky a new stop for line no. 334 in both directions (request)
Krňovická a new stop for line no. 262 in the direction of Nádraží Klánovice-sever (request)
Milovice, Sportovní stop cancelled for line no. 432 only in the direction of Milovice, železniční stanice
Přezletice, Kocanda a new name for the old Přezletice stop
Tuchoměřice, komerční zóna a new stop for line no. 312 in both directions (regular)
Vinoř a new stop for all line no. 375 connections in the direction of the city centre (regular)
Želivského renewal of the second exit stop for line no. 163 in the turnabout

New routes for lines 185 and 302:

As of 3 March 2013, routes for bus lines 185 and 302 are changing. On workdays, suburban line no. 302 are being extended to Palmovka, and selected line no. 185 connections are being extended via the Zamašská and Ctěnice stops to the Vinořský hřbitov stop. These changes will result in interval reductions and a direct connection between Palmovka and the area served by the Zamašská, Ctěnice and Vinořský hřbitov stops.

Along with these lines’ route changes, intervals in individual timespans are also being modified; both lines continue to be mutually coordinated.

Overall intervals for lines 185 and 302:

stretch workday Saturday and Sunday
morning late morning afternoon evening
Palmovka – Letňany 6 30 7 – 8
Letňany – Bakovská 6 15 7 – 8 10 – 30 20
Bakovská – Vinořský hřbitov 12 30 15 10 – 30 20 – 40
Vinořský hřbitov – Přezletice, Kocanda 24 30 30 30 – 60 60

For lines 185 and 302, a new stop, Brozánská, is being set up in the direction from the city centre between the Rousínovská and Vinořský hřbitov stops. Line no. 185 will no longer run to the Letecké opravny stop, where sufficient service is provided by lines 201 and 202. As of the same date, the final stop for line no. 302, Přezletice, will be renamed to Přezletice, Kocanda.

Midibus to Hvězdárna:

As of 3 March 2013, a new midibus line no. 172 is being put into service, serving the new housing development area of Na Hvězdárně in Velká Chuchle. The line will connect this area with the railways stop in Velká Chuchle, where it will connect with line S7 trains to and from the centre of Prague. The new midibus line will significantly improve travel for residents of new housing in Velká Chuchle, and thanks to connecting trains will allow them to reach the centre of Prague within about 30 minutes. The line will run on workdays from approximately 05:00 to 21:00 at 30-minute intervals. The operator of the new line will be the Prague Public Transit Co.; all connections will be barrier-free.

New midibus line no. 172

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank your for understanding.

Source: Public Transport