Permanent changes to selected PIT lines from 9 December 2012

On the date of countrywide timetable changes, some individual changes are taking place on selected Prague Integrated Transit lines.

In Prague, the changes are mainly in the area of Prague 6. On suburban bus lines and railways, the changes concern mainly connection times in order to ensure proper connections, and the creation of new stops or renaming of some existing stops. The proportion of guaranteed low-floor connections will also increase for suburban lines. For trams, the first ever request stop (ČSAD Smíchov) will be created (from 8 December 2012).

Change overview:


Changes to urban lines:

  • Line 108 is extended by the stretch Ciolkovského – Brodecká – Nádraží Veleslavín – Nové Vokovice as a replacement for line 218. In the stretch Nádraží Veleslavín – Nové Vokovice only some connections will run during workday peak times. In the stretch Bílá Hora – Sídliště Na Dědině the line will continue to run only during workdays, until about 20:00.
  • For line 119, intervals will be reduced on workdays between about 14:00 – 16:00.
  • For line 156 in the direction of Strossmayerovo náměstí, a new stop, Jankovcova, is set up.
  • For line 161 connections running from the Přední Kopanina stop, a new stop, Nebušice, is being established.
  • Line 206 is changing to line number 218, with no changes to its route or operating parameters.
  • Existing line 218 is being replaced by an extension of line 108, which will run under this number along the original route of line 206 (Dejvická – OC Šestka).
  • For line 232, operation to the Milíčov stop will be restricted on evenings and weekends.


Changes to suburban lines:

  • Line 302 is being extended to the new Přezletice turnabout.
  • For line 312, a new stop, Nebušice, is being set up in the direction of Dejvická.
  • Line 319 will once again run on workday afternoons and weekend mornings and afternoons.
  • For line 328, the Nupaky, hotel stop is being cancelled (see expanded operation of line 385).
  • Line 346 is changing its route through the town of Brandýs nad Labem (a semicircular route via the following stops: Baumit – VDO – Vrábí – Nádraží – Sídliště u nádraží – V Olšinkách – Brázdimská – Nemocnice – U Soudu – Pekárny).
  • Line 385 will now include the Nupaky, hotel stop; operation is being expanded on workdays afternoons and on weekends.
  • In the direction of Brandýs nad Labem, for line 405 the Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, PREFA stop is being cancelled.
  • For line 601, the Lety stop is being cancelled, while a Dobřichovice, pošta stop is being set up.
  • Line 603 in the direction of Českomoravská will have a new stop: Vinoř.
  • Line 604 is being extended to the Svrkyně and Lichoceves, Noutonice stops; a new Velké Přílepy, Roztocká stop is being set up (a new night connection, Velké Přílepy (1:03 hrs) – Lichoceves, Noutonice connecting to line 350 from Prague.
  • The line 609 connection running to the Říčany, průmyslový areál Černokostelecká stop is being extended to the Říčany, U Nemocnice stop.
  • Low-floor connections are newly guaranteed on lines 326, 327, 331, 333, 339, 341, 381, 382, 387, 407, 419, 471, 472 and 610.
  • Timetables are also being modified to connect with trains and according to minor change requests from affected towns and villages.


Railway changes:

  • On workday mornings, a new fast S2 train will run from Kutná Hora via Kolín and Lysá nad Labem (arriving at Praha, hlavní nádraží at 9:17), which will continue on as line S9 to Benešov.
  • “Regionova” model trains are being deployed on line S6.
  • Lines S8+S80 will shuttle back and forth in the Praha – Vrané nad Vltavou stretch (a 30-60 minute interval during peak times, 60-120 minutes during workday off-peak times and weekends).
  • In the stretch Praha-Horní Počernice – Praha, hlavní nádraží – Říčany, the interval for line S9 is being reduced at the beginning and end of the afternoon peak time, and more trains running through Praha, hlavní nádraží will be deployed.


New stops

stop name type lines
Černošice, Kladenská request 315, 414, 415, 601
Dobříš, Kostelíček request 317
Jesenice, Zdiměřice, škola (in the direction of Jesenice) regular 327
Kunice, Vidovice request 461, 463
Přezletice (at the new turnabout) regular 302
U Radiály (in the direction of OC Štěrboholy) request 263
Velké Popovice, Řepčice regular 461
Vozovna Hloubětín (from 8 December 2012) regular 16, 54
Vozovna Strašnice

(Starostrašnická St., from Strašnická) (rom 8 December 2012)
regular 7, 26, 51, 55
Všestarská (in the direction of Nepasické náměstí) request 262


Renamed stops

original name new name lines
Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, PREFA Zápy, PREFA 405
Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, Stavby mostů Zápy, Stavby mostů 405
Kunice, pod dálnicí Kunice, U Dálnice 461, 462, 463
Kunice, Pragosoja Kunice, Vidovice, Bonavita 461, 463
Kunice, Vidovice Kunice, Vidovice, zámek 461, 463
Nový Vestec, hájenka Brandýs nad Labem-Stará Boleslav, hájenka 406
Obchodní centrum Ruzyně Obchodní centrum Šestka 218
Přezletice Přezletice, Horní náves 302
Štíbrova Poliklinika Čumpelíkova 295

Boarding stops at Dejvická are being relocated for lines 107, 116, 147, 160, 316, 355, 356 and 359 (boarding platforms are being exchanged to balance out their usage).

Starting 8 December 2012, the ČSAD Smíchov stop will be a request stop.



The first request-type tram stop from 8 December 2012

Starting 8 December 2012, the ČSAD Smíchov stop will change from a “regular” stop to a “request” stop. This will be the first ever request-type tram stop in Prague. The reason is that this stop has long been infrequently used, and the goal is to find out how request-type stops function in tram operation, thus saving passengers time and the operator costs. Elimination of needless stopping at stops where it isn’t required will also increase passenger comfort, as needless braking and acceleration will result in smoother travel.

The request tram stop will work just like as it does for buses. Prior to boarding at such as stop, one does not need to wave at the driver, but prior to exiting, one will need to press the door button sufficiently in advance so that the driver knows that he has to stop at that station.

The ČSAD Smíchov stop was the first to be selected, not only due to low passenger volumes, but  also because all trams normally used on the Barrandov track have a door-open button. If test operation of this new type of tram stop is successful, an increase in the number of request stops in less populated areas will be considered.


We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for understanding.

Source: Public Transport