Plynárna Michle – Spořilov: temporary suspension of the tram service

Plynárna Michle – Spořilov: temporary suspension of the tram service

Due to the ongoing reconstruction of the tram track in the U Plynárny Street, from Saturday, 26 November, 2016 (cca. from 0.30 a.m.) to Saturday, 10 December, 2016 (cca. to 4.30 a.m.), the tram service will be interrupted in both directions in the Plynárna Michle – Spořilov section.

Route changes of tram lines

• Lines No. 11 and 14 are, in the direction from the City Centre, abridged to the Plynárna Michle stop.

• Line No. 13 is, in the direction from I.P.Pavlova from the Bruselská stop, diverted to the Zvonařka turning loop, where it is terminated.

• Lines No. 53 and 55 are, in the direction to the City center, diverted through the Náměstí Bratří Synků stop.

• Line No. 56 is, in the direction from Sídliště Petřiny,  abridged to the Otakarova stop (the boarding stop is in the Náměstí Bratří Synků turning loop).

A replacement bus service:

In the night operation the replacement bus line No. X56, going on route Otakarova – Michelská – V Zápolí – Teplárna Michle – Bohdalec – Koh-i-noor (section V Zápolí – Koh-i-noor only is served by selected connections), is established.

Route changes of bus lines:

• Line No. 150 is, in the section Michelská –  Bělocerkevská, diverted in both directions through Nad Vinným potokem, Ukrajinská, Bohemians and Koh-i-noor stops.

• Line No. 188 is, in the section Kloboučnická –Bohdalecká, diverted in both directions through Ukrajinská, Bohemians, Koh-i-noor,  Vršovický hřbitov and Bohdalec stops.

Changes to bus stops:

For lines No. 135, 136 and 213, between Spořilov and Teplárna Michle stops (in the direction to Bohdalec stop), the Spořilov stop is established in the Na Chodovci Street, in the stop of the bus line No. 138 – Zentiva direction.

From Saturday, 10 December, 2016 (cca. from 4.30 a.m.) to Sunday, 30 January, 2017 (cca. to 0.30 hours) the tram service in the excluded section is temporarily restored in both directions.Lines No. 11, 14 and 56 will return to their regular routes,  bus No. 13 is operated in the Černokostelecká – Zvonařka route.

Out of operation during this period theSpořilov stop for  bus lines No. 135136 and 213 is temporarily established. Changes of routes of bus lines No. 150 and 188 remain in force.

From 30 January, 2017 (cca. from 0.30 a.m.) to 1 April, 2017 (cca. to  0.30 a.m.), the reconstruction will proceed with the next stage, the excluded section will be once again Plynárna Michle – Spořilov. We will inform you on specific measures in time.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you and we thank you for your understanding.

Source: Public Transport