Suspension of the metro service on the extended weekend in July

Suspension of the metro service on the extended weekend in July

On the extended weekend in July, i.e. from the launch of the operation on Thursday, the 5th of July 2018, to the end of the operation on Sunday, the 8th of July 2018, the metro service is subject to the following restrictions:

In connection with the stated restrictions, the Prague Public Transit Company has prepared these information measures for passengers:

  • The informational leaflets ofvseveral types are issued. They are available from the 2nd of July 2018 in the information showcases of the metro stations.
  • For the period of the suspension (from cca. 8:00 a.m. to cca. 9:00 p.m., according to the specific place and date), there is a sufficient number of information clerks in reflective vests deployed at the closed metro stations and in their immediate surroundings. The information clerks on the spot are ready to advise passengers on the current public transport connection (not only in Czech, but also in English). The information clerks are also equipped with the aforementioned informational leaflets for passengers.
  • Starting on the 3rd of July 2018, the upcoming suspension is announced also in all metro stations. The announcements continue during the suspension as well. At the same time, the warning and information regarding the suspension are issued in the Metro daily.
  • Approximately 60 information boards with a schematic diagram and basic text information in Czech and English language are arranged to provide the information related to the specific destination.

More detailed information regarding the traffic measures related to the planned restriction

Bidirectional suspension of the operation on line C between the stations Pražského povstání – Kačerov

Due to track reconstruction, the metro operation on line C will be suspended in both directions between the stations Pražského povstání – Kačerov from Thursday, the 5th of July 2018 (from the launch of daily operation), to Sunday, the 8th of July 2018 (to the end of daily operation).

A replacement bus service:

Replacement bus service line XC is established in daytime operation on the route Pražského povstání – Pankrác – Budějovická – Kačerov.

Changes in the buses operation:

For the period of the suspension, the operation of bus lines no. 135 and 196 is reinforced.

Changes to bus stops:

  • For line no. 134, the bus stop Pražského povstání is relocated (for the direction to Zelený pruh approximately by 25 metres forward, for the direction to Podolská vodárna approximately by 20 metres backwards).
  • For lines no. 138, 189 and 215, the bus stop Kačerov is relocated (for the direction to Nemocnice Krč forward to the stop of line no. 106).

Barrier-free travelling:

  • Due to missing barrier-free exit from the metro stations Kačerov and Pražského povstání, we recommend using bus line no. 135.
  • All connections of the reinforced bus lines are ensured by low-floor vehicles.

A diagram of the traffic during the measure

Closure of the metro station Dejvická on line A

Due to repairs, the metro station Dejvická on line A is closed from the launch of the operation on Thursday, the 5th of July 2018, to the end of the operation on Sunday, the 8th of July 2018.

A replacement service:

Replacement service is ensured by regular tram lines from the metro stations Hradčanská and Bořislavka.

A diagram of the traffic during the measure


We apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused to you and we thank you for your understanding.

Source: Public Transport